Trading Weekly Options
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Did you miss out on bitcoin? 

Or did you arrive too late to the party and bought it at the highest level when it was actually time to short bitcoin and profit from it's fall?

Different times require different strategies.

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My name is Leonardo. 

I help people with a dream make it a reality through trading weekly options.

Why should you listen to me?

I have been trading for 12 years.

I have a very simple 5 step system.

You don’t have to be a math wizard to use it.

My returns range from 100% to 5000% and I typically hold my positions for 48-72 hours.

However, the same principles can be applied to longer term time frames ranging from 6 months to 2 years plus.

So the core foundation and principals of my system could be utilized by those who are not looking to actively trade but rather looking for a more longer term passive investment strategy.

I am not perfect on all of my trades that I place a 100% of the time. 

I am a human being.

I like coaching people that are risk takers, aggressive and don’t like being average. 

If you are happy with average results this is definitely not the right place for you.

So if you are a conservative trader my trading style may be too unorthodox for you.

My best live trading day is turning 12k into $466,864.86 

in 6 hours and 39 minutes.

Which represents a 3800% return.

My trading strategy works with smaller amounts as well.

For test purposes, I have recently conducted a real-life study, where I took $72 and turned it into $2384 in 5 trading days.

Which represents a return of 3300%.

Some of my trades do lose money.

I would be very skeptical if someone promised you a system that made money 100% of the time.
Real life example of how options work compared to stocks... 
How to make the money in a stock market crash?
How to profit from bitcoin crash?
There are a few different ways such as buying gold, shorting stocks, but the most lucrative of all is trading short and long term put options.

Bying put options on stocks associated with bitcoin will make profits from bitcoin rise appear miniscule compared to profits you will generate from cashing these options when bitcoin crashes.

Most people naturally don’t think of making profit on a stock price collapse of a particular company or a sector. 

Intuitively people want to buy something hold it and sell it later for a profit, which happens to be a very poor strategy when markets are trading at their all time highs or close to their all time highs.

We are going to do exactly the opposite of that.

Let me explain.

A few years back when facebook was first publicly traded the shares opened around $40. In the following few days they experienced a massive sell off. Lot’s of bad coverage on the company poor abilities to monetize it’s platform and so on.

The price dropped to $17.90 per share within 2 weeks.

I knew Facebook would eventually go up, but was not sure when exactly that would happen and by how much.

The best part about trading options is you have choices of time frame. If you know when a stock will go up or down you could buy an option with weekly time limit and earn a much higher return. If you are not sure you could invest in an option with time frame of a month, 3 months, 6 months, etc all the way up to 2 years.

So in this case I was not sure about timing. So I chose a 2 year option.

The sentiment was so negative that call options were priced very inexpensively by the market.

I was able to buy 2 year options with strike price of $45 at just .50 cents each.

I bought 100 contracts for a total investment of $5000.

I won’t get into all the details right now, but simply understand this… 100 option contracts controls 10,000 shares. Without options there is no way I would have been able to buy 10,000 shares for $5000. Also notice an important fact that I did not borrow $5000 on margin. So my risk exposure was also less because it was 100% cash transaction. But it allowed me to control a lot more shares with a lot less investment capital and therefore less risk.

Options could be bought or sold at any time without any penalties. So you are not locked in any type of mandatory holding period like with money market cd’s, for example.

This option trade would become profitable if the shares of Facebook were simply to move higher within next few months. They would really gain lots of value and premium increase if they were to move higher faster. And if they would move closer or over the $45 strike.

And we all know what happened. Within just a few months Facebook was trading at $40 then $50 then $60.

By the time the share price reached $62 my options were worth $20 each. And they still had close to a year till the 2 year time frame was to end. (till expiration)

Keep in mind I paid .50 cents for each. So how much of a return was this? 


My $5000 initial investment was now valued at $200,000.

Warren Buffet had similar percentage returns when he bought millions of Bank Of America call options when it was trading at just $5 and sold them for billions in profit when stock price reached $24.

Very important to notice that: If I simply purchased shares for $18 and waited till shares reached $62, such strategy would have only produced a gain of roughly 250%.

By the end of the 2 year expiration my option contract were worth around $50 as the price of Facebook shares was trading between $90-100. Now I did not keep them till the end of expiration therefore my realized gain was not as much as it could have been. 

By now you are probably wondering what does this example have to do with the market crash or decline?

The answer is simple. You can utilize a strategy exactly the opposite of the one I described to profit from the market crash.

If you believe the markets will decline, drop or crash in the next 2 years you can simply purchase put options with expiration in 2 years.

The mentality behind the reverse strategy is this…

As the market is hitting new records every day and everyone thinks it will just keep climbing higher you are actually able to buy put options (which allow you to profit if a particular stock falls) very inexpensively.

As Warren Buffet would say: “They are undervalued by the market.”

When market directions reverses put options appreciate in price very drastically.

You can use the same time strategy as I did with Facebook and purchase 2 year puts. But if you know the timing of when the market will crash or decline you will be able to gain much greater returns by buying put options with shorter time frame.

The reason it is such a lucrative strategy is because markets fall much faster then they go up and so do individual stocks.

So which stocks do you buy put options on?

Well, if you bought FB put options just a few weeks ago when it was trading at $180-$185 a share as all the analysts were raising expectations for the company and raising their price targets higher and higher, you would have been able to lock in gains in a very short period of time.

You would have been able to do that by bying FB $165 montly put options for .50 cents and sell them for $15 as it reached $150 share. That is a return of 3000%. That means if you invested $5000 in 100 put contracts of FB your net gaines would have been $145,000 in less then 30 days!

Please take a look at the recent fall of Facebook:

This clearly demonstrates that even good stocks fall too!

However, some weaker stocks will fall much faster and lower in comparison to Facebook.

Question #1: How do you know which one will fall next?

Question #2: How do you know exactly when to buy them and when to sell them?

For example, looking at the Facebook graph above, would you be buying puts right now expecting further decline, buying calls expecting rebound in price or none of the above? (for example, waiting for a better entry opportunity).

Question #3 What price level would you be buying puts or calls for and why?

My 5 simple step system will help you discover the answers to all of these questions and a ton of other questions you will want answers for along the way.

To find out more about how to trade weekly options and longer-term options hire me for personal one on one coaching.

I guarantee you that you will save a ton of money and time by hiring me opposed to trying to figure it all out on your own.
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