The world's oldest investor: "I doubled my money in the crash of 1929..."
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How to take advantage of the stock market crash before it takes advantage of you?

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Most people realize that it is a part of a natural cycle for markets go down.

Market Crashes will happen from time to time.

Sometimes markets crash for no obvious reasons, as they did in 1929. 
Did you know that you can actually make more money and do it faster 
during the crash then during the rise? 

Some people were able to make fortunes
and retire because of market crashes. 

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Hi, I'm Leonardo, I teach people how to profit from the rise and the crash of various financial markets, so that you can profit, save time and live the life of your dreams without worries!
Did you know that in the US alone since the early 1900's there has been close to 30 significant stock market downturns or crashes?! That means huge opportunities every few years!

Most of them don't have to be memorable like the dot-com or the 2008 crash for you to gain significant profits.

The simple truth is the markets come down a lot faster then they go up.

Your rate of return is much higher. 

You don't have to wait years to collect your profits-in some cases it could take 
just a few months or even weeks! 

Why so many people fell victims of a stock market crash?

Why did people lose everything or their entire retirement in a market crash?

Why didn't they take advantage of this simple strategy? 

They just didn't know how...
Summer of 1929 was awesome until...
Dot Com bubble was awesome while it lasted...
Real Estate Bubbles of 2008 felt so good until they burst!
Chasing bitcoin is fun for now... But could a sharp bitcoin decline be the cause of the next financial crash?
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before and during the next market crash?
"As market was going higher and higher in the summer of 1929 I decided it was time to "short-sell", (meaning I would profit if stocks were to fall)
 Irvin Kahn, 1905-2015
American investor and philanthropist. He was the oldest living active investor. In the 50's-60's he was an early disciple of Benjamin Graham, the Godfather to value investing and Warren Buffet.
“One of my clearest memories is of my first trade, a short sale in a mining company, Magma Copper...”  “I borrowed money from an in-law who was certain I would lose it but was still kind enough to lend it. He said only a fool would bet against the bull market.” When the crash of 1929 took place just months later, Mr. Kahn was enjoying a handsome profit.
Would you like to profit from the next market crash?
The "round-trip"

The most profitable trades I have made are what I call “round-trip” trades.

Its the type of trade where I was able to profit on the rise of a particular asset, option, currency -cash out my position for a profit and timely take the exact opposite position and profit from the fall of the same asset, option, currency.

Its when everyone starts thinking that a particular investment will only rise to infinity is the perfect time to start thinking about liquidating your positions.

It’s when you look at the price action and the charts and you are thinking to yourself “ Oh, my God!, Look at THIS! There is no freaking way it’s going so high so fast!”

What most of the people think at times like that: “I am so excited! I will be rich! It’s only going to go higher!” So they typically invest more or add to the position. That’s when they go and max out their credit card, home equity loans, etc.

More often then not they find out shortly that It was a wrong action to take. Unfortunately for most people they least expect that. They are just so sure that they are right. After all, how can so many smart people be wrong all at once?

It does not make them stupid. It just makes them human.

The “round-trip trade” is very counter-intuitive.

That is why it is also highly profitable.

It is very hard for an individual to change their view on a situation if they have shaped their opinion for a few years and have been basically brainwashed by so many: the media, friends, coworkers, influential thinkers, etc. It’s just hard to believe that something that has been making you money over time can actually fail and go completely the opposite direction.

Even when the asset/stock/currency starts to rapidly decline most of the people will be so attached to their view that cryptocurrency will rise infinitely they will actually buy more.

In stock market this term is called cost averaging, buying more of the same stock for less money.

Cost averaging is a death trap. Typically the price will continue to decline. That’s how people lost fortunes in the dot-com bubble.
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“Take advantage of the next Market Crash!”
  • Anthony Robbins, 
  •  Author, Speaker, Economic Advisor, Entrepreneur
What does 1929 and 2018 have in common?
 Noble Prize Professor
 Dr. Shiller
“The speed of a market crash now is 365 times faster than 30 years ago”
  • Scott Nation, author of "History of United States in 5 crashes"
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How to Prepare for the next Market Crash?
The secrets they don't want you to know.
So hold on… 

You buy insurance for your car in the event of an accident or a crash, right? 

State law or federal law won't even allow you to operate a vehicle without it!

You buy insurance for your house, right? 

Just in case a storm comes and wipes everything out, right?

So why aren’t you buying insurance for your investment portfolio? 

In case of a market crash or a market downturn?

You mean there’s such thing as insurance on my investments?

Yes, of course. Large institutional investors call it a hedge.

So how can you get some of that insurance for you?

There are many hedge strategies that not only help you protect

your investments but also make you lucrative returns
in the event of a market crash or market downturn.
Would you like to protect your money 
while reaching new highs?
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